Ayurveda Consultant: Certified Wellness Counselor

panchmahabhutCynthia is a Certified Ayurveda Wellness Counselor, Ayurveda is the Vedic Science of Life, and incorporates Mind-Body-Soul into a well rounded plan for renewal, prevention, healing imbalances, and cultivation teachings for longevity. It centers around a wholistic natural living platform and works with all aspects of life. Ayurveda offers a total self incorporating mind-body-spirit in wellness plan for lifestyle choices, nutrition,  holistic herbs, meditation, sensory perception, balancing and self care. Ayurveda specializes in constitutional awareness, centering, essential energy and the study and science of life force energy.

Incorporating Ayurveda into your life is fulfilling….

Employing the principles of Ayurveda for wellness, is a learning curve, however what you can gain from is very worth while and will stay with you. While Ayurveda does not incorporate a western approach to health it can coincide, work with or compliment in many ways. Ayurveda is day to day self help detox, renewal, routine, self help and cultivation tool. Utilizing a longevity science that has a simple approach to holistic living can serve  a myriad of circumstances that may inhibit mind, body and spiritual health, state, or nature and can be very self empowering.

Ayurveda is holistic, it is supportive and with wellness counselor support, teaching, guidance it can be easy.

You can learn the fundamentals of  Ayurveda’s food combining intelligence for constitutional health, learn herbal and digestive tools that support your natural geometry or requirements, learn how to balance nutritional needs based on energetic balance , receive holistic and lifestyle enhancing tips, goal guidance,  imbalance support, and more.

An Ayurveda Wellness Counselor is a teacher, coach, or support person that can incorporate Ayurveda fundamentals into your world.  Ayurveda is a nutrition, mind-body-spirit lifestyle centering support system, that may compliment and work with all traditions, and can be a compliment to western practices. Ayurveda works with Prakriti-Vikriti constitutional support, information, tips, tools, services and suggestions for renewal, and revitalizing constitutional well-being.

Meaning of Prakriti
The term Prakruti is a Sanskrit word that literally means, innate nature or constitutional identity. The elemental combination of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha (humors of elements air, ether, fire, water, earth which are vital forms of building blocks of life) which is vitally present in an individual at the time of conception is vital to maintain throughout ones lifetime. Different persons can have different humor alignments of ife essence, Vata, Pitta and Kapha as their authentic mind-body-soul constitution or Prakriti. That is why; two people react differently when exposed to a similar situation. Thus, according to Ayurveda everyone is unique and each one of them has a distinct body constitution, a distinct expressional fingerprint or blueprint, which is totally unique from another.

Meaning of Vikriti
The term Vikriti is a Sanskrit word that represents an imbalanced state, or current state of imbalance. It infers something is off and a persons is not thriving. Ayurveda uses Prakriti -original constitution and Vikriti- current state or imbalanced state to confer and tell of the differences,  and utilize both as a means to formulate choices to serve or corrective measures to re-balance and construct a plan for such action.

It is suggested to for your first Ayurveda consultation to spend an hour and half with Vikriti, you can talk  about your goals, imbalances, problem areas and what you would like to achieve. It is helpful to fill out your questionnaire in advance of your session, so there is more time to learn Ayurveda tools, here are links to your forms:

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  1. Tim says:

    I’ve been doing some research on energy healing and came across your website. I’d like to setup a time for a session.


    • admin says:

      Great Tim- give me a call to set up a time for a spirit healing or reading session at 802-671-4569,

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