Energy Medicine Practitioner

When one heals their spirit, then their spirit is liberated to in turn heal body, mind, life. Spirit Healing liberates your own natural healing ability, this is holistic healing as it is a tool that assists you to embrace the whole self.

Through the longevity of her study,  work and her own personal spiritual growth Cynthia has an intimate understanding of the human body’s Spiritual Anatomy and how the etheric dimensions influence the physical world of our life, body, and our everyday reality. She understands the metaphysical geometry of well being and knows it exists within all beings equally. Cynthia is able to apply this knowledge not only to assist your spirit to heal and transcend limitations ,  she assists you to re-learn to let go, and to help you shift so you may be in charge of your entire wellness plan by integrating the spiritual aspect of self into a fuller well designed healing pathway. This assists you to enhance the energy of your experience,  so you may manifest your reality based upon your unique individuated soul alignment and soul truth.

Cynthia has worked with individuals, couples, children, corporate entities, animals, fellow psychics, and class groups to assist in bringing their spirit into their bodies to have more meaning, purpose, joy, well being in their daily living.

To read more of the full disclaimer of Cynthia’s spirit healing sessions we ask that you follow this link to the Rainbow Institute website as this page is written with valuable questions and answers of “what is spirit healing from the vantage of Cynthia and Rainbow Institute:

Cynthia is a talented psychic who uses her gifts with mindfulness to provide valuable information you can use for your own transformation so that you can be master of your own healing journey …inquire about her spirit healing sessions.

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  1. Tim says:

    I’ve been doing some research on energy healing and came across your website. I’d like to setup a time for a session.


    • admin says:

      Great Tim- give me a call to set up a time for a spirit healing or reading session at 802-671-4569,

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