Soul Path Coach, Counselor

sacredshell2With a vision in right relationship it is possible one can create and achieve. In this a  pathway true to your own nature unfolds. As life is the canvas of your soul, envisioning achievement is your own purpose seeking to be embraced… supportive help on your journey is a self loving gift.

Cynthia offers one of a kind support & guidance for mind-body-spirit-authentic self. Here you receive support, gain insight for creative goals, healing, work out growth periods and cultivate positive action for lifestyle building.  Cynthia uses multiple platforms and techniques for supporting personal growth.

Soul Purpose, Wellness & Lifestyle Coach offering works when you are ready, willing, and allot for what is necessary to align to your dream.  You work on goals, growth, and steps in wellness. You cultivate from mind to soul to body, balancing mind perspective and you learn bring light into your life. You take charge of and co- design a plan that you can stay on path with, thus lifestyle and play is incorporated as part of the journey. You tell the story and write the plot.

Having an intuitive coach who is versed in soul purpose, wellness counseling and spirit to mind, body communication be an amazing asset when you are ready to set your purpose into motion.    Cynthia’s spirit to body, mind, soul sessions are a support tool to help you stay on path, or gain alignment. You may consider each session  a trans-formative tool, as they bring awareness to your own inner light and capability, and bring ease to the forefront of your experience to enhance what you are developing, working on and creating.

Cynthia’s program requires a personal commitment and a program commitment of one year of working on progression steps towards your plateau goal.  Sessions can be tailored around your unique needs. There is a program rates which applies while you are in the program. Cynthia’s soul purpose coaching program is both unique and very simple, she makes taking steps acheviable almost an easy and enjoyable process. In your sessions you can enjoy a combination of reading, spiritual healing, she employs an ayurveda-holistic tooset, and opens your awareness to learning about natural healing with tips, tools, and teaching.



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