You can attend a teleconference course, have a reading, or partake in the wellness & coaching offerings. This allows for options to clients and students to participate from places all over the world. You can pay as you go or we offer payment plans. Cynthia does not take payments over the phone. Your payment is required and due before your appointment, there is a fee for taking a payment over the phone or for a payment plan. Here there is no fee. All payments are made via “Paypal Secure Server”. You do not need a PayPal account to make a payment. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and look forward to working with you we thanks you for your patronage! ____________________________________________________________________________

For a Professional Reading, or a Spiritual Counseling Session with Cynthia Warwick Seiler use this button:

Professional Reading or Spiritual Counseling


Cynthia’s Programs and Specialty Packages: Use this Button if you are enrolled in Soul Purpose Counseling Programs, Wellness Counseling Packages, Spirit Healing Packages, or are entitled to a Student Counseling Rate.

Cynthias Soul Purpose Programs and Specialty Package Rates


Email Question and Long Distance Email Readings:Use this button if you are looking for an email addressing one psychic question or a full email reading

Email Readings


Miscellaneous Payments Button: Use this button to enter your own dollar amount. You would use this button for promotions, readings by the minute, to pay for a class or workshop, or for any other reason. Please use the “Notes to Seller” comment section provided by PayPal when you need to discuss with us the intent of your payment/purpose.

All Miscellaneous Payments


giftcertGive a Psychic Reading Gift Certificate: You may elect to purchase a gift certificate for any of Cynthia’s offerings. How this works is you would use the button below to purchase a generic gift certificate from Vermont Psychic for a select price. When you want to redeem the gift certificate you would follow the instructions that are included with the purchase and use the purchase codes given by PayPal.

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