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Cynthia’s rate is $120 per full hour with the exception of specialized packages. Cynthia offers  20 minutes to full day services.

Discounts & Promotional Plans Available:

A custom package is possible if you would like to enjoy multiple offerings,and can be tailored to your requirement.  Each service is designed to support you and work with the other for a combined Mind/Body/Spirit realignment plan, Smost services  are available local and long distance via phone, webinar conference, or skype.

  • 5 total hours for $500 to apply to any offering or combination of offerings(a savings of $100)
  • Spiritual healing and alignment session with a follow-up visit $150 (approx 1.5 hours, a savings of $30)
  • Ayurveda 90 minute Prakriti/Virkiti imbalance consultation with a complimentary check in $180 (a savings of $50)
  • Ayurveda 60 minute  consultation  with a Jyotish Natal Life Chart Reading  $300 (a $50 savings)
  • Ayurveda 60 minute consultation with an hour Alignment and Flow Healing $220 (a $20 savings)
  • Soul Path Life Coaching, with goal work counseling support and pathway guidance- minimum 6 months or  a full year commitment of self directed flow with counseling sessions 1 hour monthly & check-in approximately 20-30 minutes monthly(inquire for discounted rate)


About Ayurveda Wellness Counseling Sessions:

  • Prakriti Consultation:  A mind/body/soul constitutional, herbal dietary or lifestyle  support session is $120 per hour and can be as short as 30 minutes to as long as 2 hours depending on what you require- however you would need to fill out the appropriate questionnaires in advance to have allot more question and answer time, inquire.
  • Prakriti &Vikriti Full Ayurveda Consulation is 90 minutes. This is an appointment only full session to determine a pathway for your unique mind/body/soul constitution well being requirement and includes a 20 minute follow -up.  (Prakriti is authentic or essential soul type constitution), (Vikriti your current mind/body state) here we strive to evaluate and  begin to construction of a pathway  for you to correct imbalances and support constitutional health, your vital well being and your goals.
  • Dietary or Lifestyle  follow up or check ins:  When you are working on creating balance, or are interested in learning to incorporate Ayurvedas approach for wellness and longevity you can elect to come in routinely. Check-ins are 20 minutes, 1/2 hour, to over an hour depending on your agreement and unique requirement.
  • Ayurveda and You: Guidance for learning Ayurveda’s system is easy to achieve and available to you via consultation, based on your support and your interest. You may ask to learn Ayurveda via counseling, seasonally or to address immediate goals, in  soul path sessions or during check-ins for diet and wellness coaching or ask to be enrolled in the next upcoming class.

About Professional Intuitive Readings:

  • Intuitive readings are an excellent tool to gain insight and or create change. A reading can be as short as 20 minutes to as long as 2 hours based and are offiered in intervals of 20min., 30min, 45min, 1 hour, 1.5hours, 2 hours.  Cynthia’s rule of thumb is 20 minutes is good for a question or two and an hour is good for transformation, multiple aspects of life, depth or change. Readings are $120 per hour
  • Readings can be invaluable coupled with Ayurveda or Soul Path Counseling as you can take karmic action to understand and take steps for authentic self, understanding and pathways. Intuitive readings are excellent tools for authentic energy alignment and are supportive to well being. Readings are a tool to understand energy on a mind, body, spirit level and can provide insight to you in many ways.

About Jyotish Vedic Cosmology- A Natal & Life Chart Reading:

  • Jyotish is the Vedic Astrological System that looks at ones lifes plan starting at the time and hour of birth when it is said the light is delivered into the infant body. A natal reading consists of a look at all 12 houses, tells alot about your authentic self, blueprint for health, aspects of life and can be an invaluable companion in Ayurveda. Jyotish as well as Yoga are sister/companion sciences to Ayurveda and are part of the way.
  • A Jyotish Natal or Life Chart is an Ayurveda or Vedic tool to understand aspect of life- the virtues & lessons and  karmic flow of each of 12 houses, planetary influences, Prakriti strengths to relate to all and potential areas where weak spots may need support.  In the Natal and life Chart one can learn how lessons serve the construction of each house and how ones Prakriti flows through the houses based upon natural authentic energy.
  • Each chart is hand typed and constructed over the course of a week and is considered a flat rate value of $230 which is a gift of a lifetime. A Natal reading  comes in written format that you may have and keep with you, and it takes about a week to construct from the time you place your order, when complete Cynthia will go over the Natal reading in person or via the phone with you and you will have a chart that you may keep for life.

About Soul Path Coach and or Spiritual Wellness Counseling: Pathway, Goal, Constitution, Soul Purpose or Lifestyle healing plan, work and guidance

  • Cynthia is versed in how to support one’s mind-body-spirit and union. She is able to look at energetic patterns and support and give guidance to many situations so that a client-rogi can stay balanced and on path. Spiritual Wellness Counseling flows well with Ayurveda and Intuitive Readings.
  • Life Coaching is a tool when you have allot to achieve and need a duration of time in support for goals, growth and development. Here you would make a commitment to meet at regular intervals to stay on path and commit to working in alignment with your own higher vision. Cynthia would serve your alignment and encourage your commitment as well as use her skills.

About Alignment & Flow Energy Medicine Sessions:

  • Alignment and Flow Energy Sessions are $120 per hour, calling for an appointment is preferred.
  • while Ayurveda brings the world an understanding of our etheric body, chakras, aura, srotas-channels, nadis(meridians) prakriti- authentic essential energy.  Energy medicine helps to support the subtle part of our mind ,body, spirit to release, renew,  recharge, let go, align and allow in flow in conjunction with our higher dimensional being. From Source Energy -aka divine forces,  Mahat and Ankara- ones higher self, authentic or divine ego blueprint-  here alignment and flow is expansive and strives to support your mind-body-spirit unity. All Alignment and Flow sessions are a gentle reiki/theta style  energy sessions which utilize a neutral, benign, and universal  energy flow technique.  No two sessions are considered alike and each are a gentle restorative flow.  Sessions can be minimum 25 minutes to maximum 3 hours depending on unique requirements.

About Courses: Request to join Cynthia’s email list if you are interested in attending a class

  • Learning Ayurveda Classes & Workshops: Classes are available by phone or in person, several workshops per year pending interest.
  • Soul Path & Spiritual Energy Course: This is a specialized mind-body-spirit and spiritual awareness course. Here you learn energy medicine basics, mind-body-spirit alignment, and self renewal using energy healing techniques. You learn about soul path, creating and setting vibration, energy, essential energy,  sacred spaces, and unique to Cynthia,   available by phone or in person, one class per year pending interest.

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