Scheduling Intuitive Readings

All things are possible to live fully, prosperously, and in well being… Cynthia sees and knows you as capable. Her communication brings valuable awareness that works with you on the HOWS…quickly becoming an asset to you on your journey.

VT Psychic LogoA spiritual reading is a gift to yourself. Having someone see and say hello to your spirit is like rekindling a relationship to an old friend… and it empowers you, your truth, your unique essence, as you are always more than who you think you are…. and then some!
Cynthia’s psychic readings are a tremendous tool as they are designed to support you by providing clarity, communication, insight-fulness, and kindness to you. Her readings are a tool that may assist you to empower what you are working on so you may enhance any or all aspects of your life insight-fully.

Cynthia’s psychic readings are exceptional

Cynthia’s style of reading comes from 24 years of independent metaphysical and holistic/spiritual healing studies including 7 years of professional training. Her readings help you to bring forth a fresh point of view, open your awareness to new directions, brings clarity and alerts you to things you have not thought of before. They can introduce you to life-changing concepts and assist you know the capability that you already have within as a “spiritual being having a human experience”. Her readings validate your spirit and can assist you to shift your reality and day to day to a dynamic aligned to support your own soul truth and individuated purpose. Cynthia’s expertise is of soul purpose, intuition, sacred geometry, holistic and spiritual healing which when combined in skill supports assisting one to enhance the communication and union ones higher self, authentic being-ness, and lightest pathway for ones goals. With her knowledge, training, and skills Rainbow Institute and Cynthia can delightfully help you with offerings that may enhance the course of your life.

  1. About Rev. Cynthia Warwick Seiler

    Vermont PsychicRev. Cynthia Warwick Seiler is a Clairvoyant Professional Intuitive, and a holistic healing spiritual energy practitioner. She is a course developer and a great counselor versed in metaphysics. She is an Ordained Minister & Spiritual Counselor, and a Writer. Her specialty is soul purpose, her passion is to teach one to step into an intuitive cultivate process for healing and creating in a soulful way- she practices this and cultivated the course Soul Purpose Development from what she learned and embraces now for soul empowerment. She teaches one embrace the gifts their soul self self offers for their life experience consciously, this is always the most validating and rewarding pathway in any given situation. Her work is compassionate, empowering and can be transformational. She does not believe in co-dependancy, she believes everyone has the equation for success and works with a specialized skill-set to help you find the pathway you are strongest in.  Knowing Cynthia is an enlightening experience rich in valuable communication that can assist you to bring forth self empowerment, the safe and joyful process of creating and healing your world in a validating way.

  1. How do I get started in a session with Cynthia?

    The best way to work with Cynthia is to schedule an appointment in advance…however she also has limited walk in hours at the Burlington VT wellness center (Wed-Fri 11-4pm). If you would like to cal in advance, you may have the option to set up a preferred date/time for your reading. You can call Cynthia at 1-802-671-4569 directly or use the contact form on this site to create an appointment.  Cynthia will schedule a session from 9am to 7pm, EST, when she is not conducting a class.  You may state your date preference, however she is not always available on the weekends so be prepared to have a few varying date/day choices presented in your request so that flexibility allows you the earliest session available.

  1. How much time should I schedule for a Reading?

    A good rule of thumb is 20 minutes for one or two questions, and an hour for a full reading, more depth and to cover one or two aspects of life  and/or tranformation/healing. Many first time visitors order 20 minutes to get started and then ask for the reading to go into overtime, this is acceptable when and if possible. If unsure consider a half hour. We tend to block reading times as 20min., 30min., 40min, 1hr, 2hr, 3hr. The longest session Cynthia is willing to conduct in one sitting is 3 hours.

  1. How much does a reading cost?

    A psychic reading costs $2.00 USD per minute. So 20 minutes would be $40.00 USD, 1/2hour = $60.00 USD, 1 Hour= $120USD and 2hours is discounted to $220. There are other package programs that Cynthia offers which may have a different fee structure you may inquire about, such as coaching packages, and healing packages. There may also be reading promotions available that you can ask to partake in. Payments are made via PayPal secured server on our website with a PayPal gateway. One does not need a PayPal account to use PayPal which make this paying method very streamline.

  1. What are my session delivery choices?

    psychic telephone readingsYou can elect to have your one to one session with Cynthia in person in Burlington VT at the Rainbow Institute or for long distance- within the USA over the telephone, and for international clients and students via skype. You would make the arrangements for the session delivery when you set the appointment. While an in person session with Cynthia is a profound experience she has worked all over the world via phone and skype and welcomes long distant clients and students alike with ease and joy.

“A reading with Cynthia is an enlightening experience” Richard, N.Y.” “Cynthia is an exceptional and talented psychic that knows how to say hello to, and awaken souls to a journey level that validates and heals”.

Your journey is worth validating and empowering, it is the gift you give yourself. The best way to get started with Cynthia is to call her for a reading, spirit healing session or join her in a class to learn fabulous tools for intuitive living.

You may use this contact form to schedule an appointment or you may call Cynthia directly at (802)671-4569 during Vermont business hours.


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